Bold Buckled Shoes

October 31, 2016

Trend Spotting: Bold Buckled Shoes

From Functional to Fabulous, Bold Buckled Shoes are In

“We swooned when we first laid eyes on this chic pair. Sure enough, buckled footwear began popping up all over the place.  For the cooler months, try buckled boots and move on to sandals in the summer – we’re sure this trend is here to stay for a little while yet.”  — In Style

Yup. We’re swooning too.

Give me some of those bold buckles! I want my look to reflect a hint of “I-need-to-be-restrained.” My style to show a bit of fearless swagger. My persona to display some smart courage.

Buckles add pop to anything. A motorcycle jacket is pretty hot looking. But a motorcycle jacket with a buckled belt becomes a head-turner. Sassy caps, sexy gloves, crisp suit jackets, luxurious sweaters, your most flattering high-waisted jeans…just about everything you wear looks a little sharper with a buckle (or six) added to it. Take the Galayda 6-inch Stiletto Bootie, it’s striking bold buckle accent will make you want to strut your stuff any time you slip them on.

We all own a pair of ankle booties, right? They’re a staple in every girl’s closet, adding texture to trousers and polish to jeans. Take your favorite ankle booties, add some cool, crisscrossed straps and a couple of accented buckles, and what do you get? The Reader Double Buckle Ankle Bootie. Sharp style and all day comfort make a great combination that you will reach for again and again.

Mid-calf boots offer great styling options since they look equally fantastic with pants or skirts. Our Derosbey Tall Combat Boots with Triple Buckles have a 1-inch, flat heeled comfort all wrapped up in straps and buckles. Relaxed yet feminine, trendy yet all-season. Cowgirl them up with a skirt or sexy cutoffs. Or keep them simple with tucked in jeans and a sweater, or his “borrowed” plaid button down.

“Associated with rebellion and sometimes craziness (think straitjackets), buckles have been a favorite of designers as they lend a touch of attitude to almost anything.  Sandals, sneakers and especially boots have all been subject to belts and buckles, which instantly create a more stylish and mischievous look.  For fashionistas, buckled shoes also round out other rebellious pieces, whether it’s a motorcycle jacket or liquid leather leggings.” – Trend Hunter

Shoes gone wild!  Buckles on these designs are wickedly bold, unabashedly sexy, and ruthlessly awesome! Ankle booties with a lace-up front, studded, buckled straps and a 3.5-inch wedge heel? MmHmm…  I need a pair!

Want to really strut your stuff? Buckle yourself into our 6-inch, platform heeled Imera 6-inch Stiletto Platform Strappy Booties with Bold Buckles booties and prepare to turn heads. All you need are some painted on pants or a slinky little dress, some accessories that pop, and a whole lotta you to create a look you will never forget.

You may be creating intriguing detail, flirty mischief, straight up class, or hotness-in-shoes.  Whatever look you put together, come see us at Shoe Land.  And buckle up – it’s going to be a great ride!