Graceful Lace

October 31, 2016

Trend Spotting: Graceful Lace

Known as one of the feminine trends of its day, graceful lace was a huge hit on the spring 2014 runway. Lovely lace can be worn from head to toe, its versatility allows it to go from feminine chic to rocker-edgy when paired with leather and denim.

  • Innocent or naughty
  • Sophisticated or down-home
  • Trendy or timeless

“Lace is a requirement for any sophisticated lady’s wardrobe, even if you don’t fashion yourself an uptown girl, this season’s offering has something for everyone.” – Harpers BazaarDepending how you wear it, lace can give you any of these looks. And its luxurious allure fits in beautifully no matter what your style is. What’s not to love about this stunning fashion trend?

In Honor of Women Everywhere

At Shoe Land, we believe every woman is uniquely awesome. And that her choices in clothing, shoes and accessories, are a fun and personal way for her to show the world exactly how she’s feeling today.

In a woman’s world, there’s a shoe for everything. From church to clubbing, first dates to weddings, prom to professional wear…pick an occasion, and then pick a pair to go with it.

Get a wild pair for a rowdy friend for her birthday. Consider them a sophisticated gift for a stylish mother on Mother’s Day. Pick up a pair for your daughter and don’t forget yourself – just because. No reason needed.

In Honor of the Revolution

With lace sweeping the fashion world as the hottest look of the season, we are proud to spotlight some of our favorite, lacy shoes.

Check out our Slnicklenna Floral Lace Ballet Flat. A little lace-covered shoe that is as adorable as shoes get. Everyday jeans, capris, shorts, skirts or little dresses can all be cuted up with these lace-ups. Now the only question left is, can you find a lace t-shirt or an open-weave crochet lace sweater to wear with these? Can you? Hmm?

“Lace – Think boudoir and vintage-inspired for one of the season’s biggest trends.” – Marie Claire

Add a little spiff to your world with our Reala Oxford Flat with Textured Sides. Perforated into a lacy design, these stylish lace-ups cross the line easily between casual, professional, and girlishly sassy looks. At home with a suit, jeans, or a little flip skirt, these shoes are as versatile as you are.

For a dainty addition to your shoe wardrobe, make sure you grab our mesh sided, pointy-toe Sbrenna Flats with Rhinestone Toe. Flirty and sweet, easy and comfortable, these are a wear-every-chance-you-get kind of slip-on. Snazzy with jeans or leggings, feminine with shorts and skirts, all you need is a cute top, a vintage lace scarf in your hair, and some old-fashioned earrings to create the perfect outfit.

Go all bohemian chic with a long, flowing skirt, a crochet tank top and a cool boho bag. Or keep it simple with cutoffs and a t-shirt.“Ladylike Lace: Choosing Romance For Spring. Never far from mind as being the epitome of femininity, delicate lace has yet grown even more popular for Spring. From skirts to trenchcoats, accents to accessories.” –

Choices, Choices…
Our Marnee Wedge Sandals with Perforated Straps are a warm-weather shoe dream come true. Wear them on days when you feel dangerously female! Pair them with a mini and an off the shoulder tunic; a skimpy little sun dress; or capris and a sexy halter. Don’t forget the flower in your hair. Absolutely delicious!

Reveal your inner femininity this season with graceful lace! Try these lacey details:

  • a choker
  • a button down or baby doll shirt
  • DIY lace on cut-offs
  • a layered skirt
  • and of course, shoes

Come see us at Shoe Land, and pick out your lacey shoes today.