This Style Is Climbing the Ranks to the Front Lines of Fashion

October 31, 2016

At the Front Lines: Combat Boots

All the rage in the 1990s, thanks to trendsetters such as Lisa Loeb and Alanis Morissette, combat boots has paved its way back into the fashion front lines. This season, if you pair a modern version of this edgy revival with the right outfit and a commanding sense of confidence, you’ll combat the urban jungle, the suburban streets, or the rural roads in bold style.

Boot Up!

Originally valued as high-fashion apparel in the grunge, punk, gothic, and hipster scenes, “Women no longer need to feel confined to one look or the other,” writes the Examiner. “Pairing a traditionally feminine piece with a rough-and-tough military look instantly adds a contrast that’s sure to be as commanding as a drill sergeant at roll call.”

In other words, opposites attract. The toughness of the Emilio Quilted Ankle Boot, for example, paired with the soft feminine contrasting materials of a light pretty above-the-knee dress, creates an intriguing stylish balance. One that adds a slight touch of visual interest and a whole lot of modern chic. Moreover, add a fitted blazer, this outfit can be worn afternoons to work then seamlessly transitions to evening so it can be worn on a date.

When paired with your favorite skinny jeans, a basic black or white tee, and a fitted leather jacket, the Lolliee Studded Combat Boot creates a casual style that exudes certainty. Add some bangles and leave the boots untied for an even more purposeful vibe.

For a flirty approach, grab a soft short skirt, throw on a pair of tights, and lace up those Naddy Combat Boot. Feeling both feminine and confident, you’ll conjure up a comfortable stride and a flirty attitude.

Fashion is meant to be fun! And this season, combat boots can be fundamental in combating the fashion front lines. Do you have the confidence and the attitude to pull off this daring style? Find out. Unleash your saucy side and shop the look now at!